Visualize Your Goals

The comprehensive dashboard feature allows you to set goals and visually monitor your progress over the course of the year! You get an Income, Expense, Savings, and Net Worth Report updated with all of your personal financial information!

Build Your Own Plan

Having a plan in place puts you in the drivers seat of your financial future. Map out where your money is going and ensure you can reach your goals using a Zero-Based Budget!

Build Your Own Plan
Create a 360 Degree View

Personal finance goes BEYOND simply tracking your income and expenses. Get a birds-eye view of your financial progress by tracking your Net Worth and watch your finances grow!

Measure Your Success

NEW FEATURE: Monthly Money Reviews have never been easier! Set your monthly goals, work through your self-reflection, and monitor your progress all in one place!

Customize Your Categories

Personal finance is personal! Track what YOU want, & customize your categories, from essential expenses, non-essential expenses, income, savings, investments, and debt.

Set Your Savings Goals

NEW FEATURE: Set your savings, investments, and debt payoff goals! Visualize & monitor your progress as you make contributions to your different accounts and put your money to work!


  • Comprehensive planning spreadsheet that provides you a 360 degree view of your finances

  • A fully customizable plan: you create the categories and set your own savings, investment, and debt payoff goals

  • A monthly and annual zero-based budget planner so you can map out where & how you will spend your money

  • An income and expense tracker, because it's time to stay on top of where your money is going

  • THREE different progress logs: one for your savings, one for your investments, and one for your debt-payoff

  • A net worth tracker, because this is the most important measure of your wealth!

  • NEW FEATURE: Monthly goal planning & review template to record and measure your monthly progress

  • In depth set-up tutorial, so you can ensure you are set up for easy maintenance and optimal insight

Lifetime Access: you can rinse + repeat the process forever! (PLUS ACCESS TO ALL ENHANCEMENTS AND UPDATES)



Michela is a Financial Analyst & Entrepreneur specializing in Gen Z and Millennial money management. She focuses on instilling sustainable and intentional spending, saving, and budgeting practices into your life so you can reach your 6-figure savings goals. With over 600,000 followers on TikTok and her own set of signature online courses, Michela has successfully built an online platform called Break Your Budget that speaks directly to the growing number of young people who are ready to take their financial power back. You can learn more about Michela and BreakYour Budget at