Are you tired of feeling like you make good money with nothing to show for it?

Let me guess....

It feels like every time you get paid, ALL of your money goes to your never-ending list of bills

When you DO have extra cash, it either needs to go towards your student loan or that pesky car payment that never seems to go away!

You've dabbled in budgeting and you opened a retirement account, but it still feels like nothing is working.


You're not alone. Over half of young adults feel totally lost when it comes to figuring out what to do with their money.

That's why I created the Simple Saving System!

Saving money can feel really complicated. But it doesn't HAVE to be.

The Simple Saving System is your solution to finally breaking through those financial barriers that keep holding you back!

It's specifically designed to take you through the 3 foundational pillars of saving money:

Your Saving Strategy

Your Spending Plan (& a template to go with it!)

Your Signature System

In 3 super straight-forward and easy-to-implement modules, you'll go from running in circles with your head cut off (ugh!!) to saving money left & right, without sacrificing your favorite things (aka that more-regular-than-I'd-like-to-admit Starbucks run!)

The best part?

IT'S ONLY $27!!

*Disclaimer: This is NOT a course about investing, how to pick stocks, how to open an IRA etc. Please contact a licensed advisor if you'd like investment advice.*

Your Saving Strategy

Saving money isn't intuitive, so it needs to be intentional. Without the right strategy in place, your savings become whatever is "left over" at the end of the month. Aka, a recipe for disaster.

In this module you'll learn exactly how to secure the bag and start saving right away!

Your Spending Plan

A spending plan brings together your saving strategy and how you actually spend & use your money. It's broken down into 3 main buckets to make it super simple to figure out where your money needs to go.

In this module you'll learn the ins & outs of an effective spending plan so you can build yours with confidence, and get a template to actually create your plan!

Your Signature System

Your signature system is your unique process for managing your money. Personal finance is personal, so why should your approach be a cookie-cutter solution?

In this module, you'll learn how to create your own signature system that you'll *actually* stick to!

A Sneak Peak into SSS...

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